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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Well, it amazes me that the Transit Union can say "We will not allow you to give workers of the next generation worse benefits than we have" and the MTA can treat them like unreasonable savages.

Anyway, this is tough. But guess what?

GO UNIONS! Stick it to the man.

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devore said...

it's making me republican.

i'm at the mercy of the mta fatcats and the unions.

nyc transit borders on a utility.

would you root for the unions if, say, there was a water or electricity union?

i agree with the principle of unions. i don't agree with union-busting "right to work" states.

but fuck man. i NEED to get to work. i NEED to make a living. I can't spend in excess of forty bucks to get to work. nor can i spend three hours trying to hitch, which i did.

politics is self-interest. and ideals fail when they meet reality.

anyway, if this strike does anything, it will re-popularize horses.