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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sicko, Michael Moore, and a world of bullsh*t

I was listening to Michael Moore on WNYC today on my iPod, and I have to say, it amazes me that Sicko has been so effectively attacked in the press. Has anyone noticed that any story about Sicko, any interview about Sicko, tends to be more about Moore defending himself against charges of bias, that he's not balanced, than about the central argument, which is that the US Healthcare system is fundamentally broken? Does anyone actually challenge that assertion?

Moore made the point himself, but I'm shocked and dismayed he even has to bother. He said (and this is true) that he IS the balance.

Every night, big Pharma has advertising selling its products all over the television. They practically fund the networks. Beyond this, we're living and breathing the HMOs argument. Each day most people in this country deal with the reality of the healthcare system as it stands. That 24 hours a day, plus adverts, of one side of the story.

Michael Moore presents about 90 minutes to 2 hours of a documentary presenting the opposite view, in an entertaining, satirical and challenging way. That's it. The idea that, within those two hours, the HMOs and government should have their view represented is simply ludicrous.

Ahem. That is all.

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the gospel-spouting centaur said...

Amen brother! Sing it child!