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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bush most unpopular President of all time? Too late!

When I read shit like this, my thought is... too f'ing late.

Bush showed nothing but ill-promise before he was crowned by the electorate. Say what you will about Gore rightfully being President in 2000...the margin was razor thin. Close enough for the GOP to engage in the black arts. It should never have even been close, and then in 2004, after four years of transparent propaganda, and socially regressive policies, he is re-elected.

Now that he's on his way out the door, the American public finally sees gas prices at $4 a gallon and turns on him. Too late. The damage is done. He proved our Democracy completely corruptible, our laws flimsy, or our national willpower as substantial as silly putty, our memories shorter than a schoolroom ruler, our media cowed and pathetic and humiliating. He proved that brainwashing half the country is as easy as a series of talking points. He proved the most important rule that governs the Executive Branch is that of term limits.

Disliking him now is like waking up in 1985 and announcing your support for the Civil Rights Movement. Too late. Where were we when we NEEDED you?

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Hicks Family said...

Wait??? President Bush!!! I thought he freed the Middle East...What??? Isn't death a form of freedom...
Are we talking about the same Bush? Yeah the one that promised a stronger school system...No Child Left Behind was it?...Wait didn't he get left behind or is his lack of speaking skills due to his inability to express himself with his flapping limbs...