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Friday, July 17, 2009

Ben Nelson hates to make people well

He is also a DINO. Democrat in Name Only. Everyone knows that to slow the pace of Health Care Reform is code for "Give Lobbyists More Time To Fight It."

All of these people, for some reason, would rather sit in a committees (and let the industry once again hijack the debate) than see substantive reform. And there will be no such reform if it isn't passed before re-election campaigns ramp up. Period. It says a lot that all the members who are asking for a slow down are well-known to be sympathetic to conservatives more often than not.

The truth is, the cost is secondary to the existence of the plan. Once the plan is in place, then you can tinker with cost reductions. But you can't get rid of it. That's the whole point. Medicare is now a fact. Don't like it? Tinker with it? Try to eliminate it and see if you get elected.

We need this plan. It's time.

Of course, there's the easy way to pay for it: let those wealthy enough to buy private insurance pay slightly higher taxes. The only place that is controversial is in the beltway. To most Americans, its common sense.

This is not a debate about cost, by the way. I'm tired of hearing it framed that way. It's about making sure that everyone can get medicine and be treated for their sickness and live healthy lives.

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