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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I have to say

I feel like these people need a huge hug and a cup of coffee. You really get the impression that they mean well and are being criminally abused and misinformed.

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Zack said...

I really wish someone sat next to these people, who really do mean well, and said,"Now tell me what's in this for you?" Over and over. What is so sad is that not only are these people being lied to, but they are being used to fight against their own self interest.

How is making sure that the top 1% of Americans keep getting ridiculous tax breaks help the working class American? How does preventing health insurance companies from cheating people out of coverage that they paid for protecting the average American? How is preventing two men from getting married doing anything to protect the sanctity of my own marriage? How does racial profiling and institutionalizing racism protect our borders from illegal immigration?

Some just needs to keeping asking them, "What's in it for me?"