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Thursday, December 09, 2010


Just filibustered the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. A majority of Americans, service members and, yes, Senators all support repeal. So does the President. But because of the continued abuse of the filibuster, a prejudiced, cynical minority has an outsized voice.

This is not what the filibuster is for. This is not what representative government is intended to look like. This is a shameful moment.

For all the Democrats that took a few hours over the last week to complain about Obama's inability to get their agenda passed...this is what his opposition looks like. As Andrew Sullivan says, they're basically just nihilists. Their goal is power for it's own sake, not good government.


Seano said...

And we allowed them to win back the house. If every person who is pissed at Obama for negotiating with Republicans on taxes had actually voted FOR A DEMOCRAT we wouldn't actually be in this mess.

Its so frustrating that people blame Obama for finding a way to govern regardless of the hand he is dealt, but when push comes to shove? "Aw, its just a mid-term. I only vote in the sexy elections."

Where is Obama's base? Complaining but NOT facilitating. YES, I'm angry that he is negotiating with terrorists (Republicans). Could he lead a BIT more. Of COURSE. But, on election day, where was that majority that hates tax cuts for the rich and wants DODT repealed? I can tell you where they were not.

Esther said...

Hard to believe this is the same Democratic Party that managed to break a filibuster and pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 over entrenched Southern opposition.

blog said...

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