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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Check out iFilm ... plus some late night ranting


There's a clip in the Top 100 of Fox News taking it hard during the inauguration. The clip is called, I believe, a Fair and Balanced Inauguration. Very good stuff. Go Vanity Fair.

It amazes me that Bush thinks he can make Social Security the main issue of his second term. It is all smoke and mirrors, obviously: Social Security is a hot-button topic that pulls focus away from the war we started, the mess we've made, and the growing sense that we're in way over our heads. Maybe the MILLIONS of protestors against this war were right? Couldn't be...those people are hippie pacificists with no job. Or, perhaps, got good grades in college, which discounts them from Bush's direct radar.

Loved that Dick Cheney, in response to a question about Iran recently, said "we don't want a war in the Middle East." Of course not, that would be foolhardy. War is bad. Dangerous. Social Security, now that's where the MEAT is. Let's talk about that. Much more confusing, so many more numbers. Lots of interest rates to discuss, fuzzy math, Greenspan to consult. (Can we have 80 BILLION more dollars for Iraq please?)

Oh, and the National Endowment for the Arts (Bush version) is spending some of the two dollars they have to rub together on a book of the writings by soldiers who return home. Something like "Operation Homecoming." I'm sure we'll have lots of words like "Freedom" and "Did my job for my country" and "So glad to get home and see my wife." I'm looking forward to that piece of 'literature' from our fair and balanced, Bush approved, Federal Arts foundation. Laura Bush, to be fair, did stand next to a big picture of Shakespeare and wave and say "We like Shakespeare! We don't hate you fucking carnies!" You know who else likes Shakespeare? Everyone. I dare her to stand next to a picture of Samuel Beckett and identify him by sight. Or Edward Albee. Or Sam Shepherd for that matter. And he's even been in the Movies.

Winter can really kick a person's mood around. I go from being nearly giddy with my girlfriend, to being utterly enraged, to a sort of bleak funk. At least I know January hasn't kicked the liberal ire out of me.

Question: How's the winter treating your mood?


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