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Friday, January 07, 2005

"A Hopeful Experience"

Our shameless leader has recently referred to "Democratic Elections" in Iraq as what he expects to be an "Hopeful Experience." Expectations have truly hit rock bottom when the first democratic elections, under the cover of armed guards, in three weeks time, in only the safest areas of Iraq, which are still easily and constantly under attack by Guerrilla warriors, are expected to be "hopeful" at best.

You know what would make me hopeful? World peace. Or at least, the United States at peace, for starters.

I read today in the New York Times that US Troops are currently attacked on average 70 times a day in Iraq. This is after Ramadan. It's expected they will go back up to pre-Ramadan levels of 80-85 times a day. In 2003, the average was 50 times a day.

While this is happening, of course, and we watch the leader of the free world slowly transform his opinion from "We Will Stop Osama Bin Laden" to "We will not tolerate the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction" to "We are not looking for weapons, but spreading democracy" to "We might get something that looks like voting, and that would at least be something, I mean...something," he's nominating as the Attorney General his Texas gimp-slave, who was responsible for a legal defense of torture. Our Attorney General had to say on record: "I'm against Torture" because people were skeptical.

And shouldn't they be? Because he is lying directly to the Nation. It's done every single day, who is actually surprised?

Let's confirm this guy. Oh, and pray for his reign as the leader of the Law Enforcement is a "Hopeful Experience."

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