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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dada Comes to Spam

Lately, I can't wait to open my Gmail's spam bucket and find a wealth of bizarre phrases as impossible subject headings. Anything that isn't direct advertising for sexual performance enhancement is often entirely in the spirit of Dada.

Anyone else notice this? Any phrases that sing to you?


Philucifer [aka Charlie Willis] said...

Actually, my favorite little bit of subject line Dada spam also dealt with sexual performance enhancement, AND theatre (I'm guessing.) AND it would make a great play title:

Agamemnon C**k Multitudinous

Adam said...

I'm going to use it all in a play somehow.

Cat* said...

This was too great not to share...

protest Phileas Fogg had won sort lay his shoed wager of twenty thousand
Mr Fogg, in order tonsorial not to depetite `I clip will competition buy awoke it of you.'knife Passepartout's instruct peripatetic visage laugh darkened with the skies, and
calmly `Humph!

the funny thing is - I always thought it was "Phineas Bogg".. that was such a great show - of course I was about 4 at the time... "Green light kid, we did it!"

-"Diva underproduces unsightly cantankerousness"

Suzannah Murray said...

Im happy you noticed this phenomena too.
Here is a good one:

So sudden and remove violent courageous trousers

I also see that you have begun bragging about your trivial pursuit conquests..

Jamespeak said...

This is a bit late in the game, but I giggled at this one I got recently:

"Weren't those doctors enjoying laughing fast?"

Freeman said...

New Favorite:

Refine jealousy skills rushed among, snags taco?

I feel that "snags taco?" is one of the universal questions we should ask of any play.