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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Isherwood's not a Utopian...

After countless articles and two love letters from Ben Brantley, the New York Times prints Charles Isherwood's sympathetic nod to the confused blue-hair crowd.

Is there any precendent for this sort of coverage in the Times of a single production?

If anyone out there has seen it (I've yet to find the cash flow for seats)... do you find any sympathy with Isherwood? Or were you as stunned as thrilled as Brantley? Fess up, Philistines.

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The Disapproving Centaur said...

I went and saw the first one, hoping to get a feel for whether I would want to see the other two and I have to agree. It was long, confusing, and kind of boring. Like a bad community theater Chekhov production where everyone was shouting their lines. I also didn't feel personally invested in any of the characters except for Belinksy played by Billy Crudup, who was wonderful.