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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Why the Wii is Selling so Well

Why is the comparatively low-tech but inexpensive "Wii" hanging in the gaming console market with powerhouses like Microsoft and Sony? This article on Yahoo Games! announcing the new Xbox 360 Elite pretty much tells the whole story. It's like an article in a trade magazine, only we're supposed to give a shit.

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parabasis said...

the Wii also is selling well by appealing to niche markets. Apparently, it's a huge seller in retirement communities and nursing homes, for example.

It doesn't hurt that the PS3 got terrible reviews when it came out, or that there is basically no innovation in console gaming outside of the Wii anymore, just different (occasionally better) variations on the same things.

I mean... when did the FPS come out? That was pretty much the last new genre in gaming... I think I was in high school.

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