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Friday, March 21, 2008

Of all things...

...this made me want to tear up. Because what Chris Wallace does here is actually incredibly brave. These are his colleagues, on a deeply conservative disaster of a propaganda network, and he takes them to task.

Is it possible...possible... that Obama's calling for rational discussion is inspiring even those who politically disagree with him... to speak...like this? Like adults?


nick@ said...

This is great. But strange that we have drifted so far that a journalist simply acting on what is (or once was) the central principle of journalism is considered brave. Chris likely has had some father-son and peer-to-peer talks with Mike Wallace about relationship of a journalist with his network. There was that Wallace, CBS, Big Tobacco scandal that was made into the movie “The Insider.”


“Seeking the truth and reporting it” is still supposedly the central mandate of news journalism. So not so brave on Chris Wallace’s part, but I am sure he made his daddy proud.

Ken said...

Good for Chris Wallace. My God, Fox does employee some idiots on "Fox and Friends." I remember being a captive audience in a hotel breakfast room in January of last year, where the only TV was playing the show, and watching this same crew of geniuses discover that Obama's middle name was "Hussein." They proceeded to invoke that name over and over again, unable to fathom anyone having that name who did not also have a belt full of explosives strapped to them. "His middle name is Hussein. Did you know that? I didn't. This is huge!"