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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Articles of Impeachment from Kucinich

Dennis Kucinich presented these articles of impeachment against George Bush to the House.

It's been tabled, of course, by spineless leadership. The reason given, now as always, is that it would be divisive and time-consuming. One might wonder how time-consuming doing nothing for the environment has been. And how one might balance a concern for divisiveness with the impeachment of a President that performed countless illegal actions in bare view of the country, with no consequences except declining poll numbers.

Give it a read. It's damning.

Bravo, Dennis, for having principles.


Anonymous said...

The freakin commies like you and Kucinich are what is WRONG with America!

jengordonthomas said...

wow. did anonymous just write "commies"? is that REALLY written, or did i just read that wrong...as in the wrong year. like, 1950. ack.

googleads said...

The GOP needs to put their own house in order. It's well bizarre that Dennis would be squelched by his own party. I can only figure the Dems sense an opportunity in an impeachment proceeding for Congressional GOP to redeem themselves in advance on an election by setting Bush apart, or branding him anomalous.

Joe said...

Do we really want President Cheney? Commander in Chief! Good grief Charley Brown!

Anonymous said...

The democrats crack me up. They spend 8 years whining about how George H.W. Bush didn't eliminate Saddam, (the biggest threat to U.S security) back in The Gulf War, then when somebody comes along and does the dirty work for them, they want to impeach him.

Are they all on drugs?

Inwood said...

Bush is a canard ... lame or not, he's not the real problem. Kucinich was on track when he called for Cheney's impeachment.

Tangentially related: Matt, you were kind enough to lend me a copy of "When Is A Clock" many moons ago. And since I was out of town during the production, I'm sorry i didn't get back to you sooner with some sort of actionable feedback. I offer a feeble shout-out (quite embarrassingly after the fact) in my most recent post ...


... keep up the good work, dude.

And, hey, you faceless cowards posting here: yes, we are on drugs. Maybe not W's patented cocktail of cocaine, booze and petrol, but yes thank you very much. Cheers!

David D. said...

This just in: There are anonymous, angry people shouting on the Internets. Their point must be compelling, because otherwise why would they be so angry? And so... anonymous.