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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Film Festival: A Theater Festival

Just wanted to take a sec and plug The Brick Theater's The Film Festival: A Theater Festival. Their annual summer festivals are always cleverly built and wonderfully subversive - perhaps none as genre upending than this one. I look forward to checking out as many of these shows as I can.

If anyone involved in the Festival wants to let readers know what they should expect, please comment away.

Over at nytheatre.com, they've got a full boat of YouTube clips to promote these piece. Check it out!


Kelly said...

Not so good, those short clips.

Very insular at best. And poorly produced.

And the best of them, Bring Me The Head of John Ford, doesn't seem to know anything about John Ford other than he directed westerns. But apparently they think he directed Spaghetti Westerns.

Why do theatre people do these things?

Anonymous said...

Bring Me The Head of John Ford - is an homage more to Sergio Leone than it is to John Ford. Had you seen the show you might've understood as much. If you did, I guess you just didn't 'get it'.
The point is, Leone revolutionized the Western film genre with his 'Spaghetti Westerns' and so the title, "Bring Me The Head of John Ford'' - which also plays upon a Peckinpah Western title of the 70's is referencing the death of the John Ford Western - his decapitation by the hands of Leone - the death or subversion of certain classic formulas that were thought to be the only way Westerns could be made...

-a note from one of the director~