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Matthew Freeman is a Brooklyn based playwright with a BFA from Emerson College. His plays include THE DEATH OF KING ARTHUR, REASONS FOR MOVING, THE GREAT ESCAPE, THE AMERICANS, THE WHITE SWALLOW, AN INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR, THE MOST WONDERFUL LOVE, WHEN IS A CLOCK, GLEE CLUB, THAT OLD SOFT SHOE and BRANDYWINE DISTILLERY FIRE. He served as Assistant Producer and Senior Writer for the live webcast from Times Square on New Year's Eve 2010-2012. As a freelance writer, he has contributed to Gamespy, Premiere, Complex Magazine, Maxim Online, and MTV Magazine. His plays have been published by Playscripts, Inc., New York Theatre Experience, and Samuel French.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On another note

Once I've absorbed Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, I will write up my summer movie round up. Because I love friggin' summer movies.

$64,000 question - Which is the better piece of pure genre love? Star Trek or Drag Me To Hell?


David Johnston said...


Dan Freeman said...
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Dan Freeman said...

Went to Tony Kushners new play last night, "The intellegent Homosexual's guide to capitalism, socialism with a key to the Scriptures."

Just my two cents,

Very disappointing, I do not recommend this show.

Jamespeak said...

Tough call that would get me trapped in geek limbo if I think about it too much (spiraling into thoughts of which movie is more faithful to its genre roots, if Star Trek isn't exactly purely faithful to the original television series and closer in feel to Star Wars, which makes Drag Me To Hell a better genre exercise, blah blah blah).

I dunno. I guess ultimately I liked Star Trek better, but in the way I like Pulp Fiction better than Reservoir Dogs: they're both amazing must-see movies, especially if you're a freakin' geek!

blogless joe said...

you actually paid to see the transformers? you, sir, are a part of the problem.

Freeman said...

The problem of Giant Robots?

I feel no shame about seeing Transformers. I spread my buying dollar around.