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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Time Out NY rates the 25 best screen adaptations of Shakespeare

The list is here.

Can't say I entirely agree on all counts. I'm sure you won't either. That's the fun of lists.

For example, they place the Michael Almereyda's dull Hamlet (the one in Manhattan with Ethan Hawke)  above the Kenneth Branagh version, which I really can't see. I guess if you do a lot less, there's less to screw up?

They also put Julie Taymor's Titus above Prospero's Books. Hrm. Not feeling it. To me, Prospero's Books is bolder, less literal, more built for the screen. Taymor's Titus is grand and grim (I definitely loved it), but it's essentially a massive, expensive stage production.

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