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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Broadway.com takes the term "Populist" too literally

Via Rob Kendt and MattJ...

Broadway.com is now employing this happy troupe of intrepid people to be a focus group of "real" people.

Somewhere, Peter Brook is laughing in a very nice glass of wine.

Edward Albee, on the other hand, just crushed a walnut between his head and hand.

Whose idea was this? What, exactly, does it say on his or her MBA?


Ian G. said...


Wow. Wow. Wow.



Where to start? Where O where to begin dissecting the flaws in this bullsh!t idea? There are so many the mind simply staggers...

On the other hand, it probably won't hurt nothin'. Just another example of how B'way has been commodified and reduced to mass-marketed crap a la Hollywood. Not that good work doesn't get done on B'way. It does, from time to time, but more and more good work on B'way looks accidental: "We were doing all this market research and BOOM! Art happened! Who knew?"

k8 said...

I can only wonder what Clarke, the vegetarian third grader would make of, say, The History Boys. "It was good, but the fat guy was better in Harry Potter."