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Matthew Freeman is a Brooklyn based playwright with a BFA from Emerson College. His plays include THE DEATH OF KING ARTHUR, REASONS FOR MOVING, THE GREAT ESCAPE, THE AMERICANS, THE WHITE SWALLOW, AN INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR, THE MOST WONDERFUL LOVE, WHEN IS A CLOCK, GLEE CLUB, THAT OLD SOFT SHOE and BRANDYWINE DISTILLERY FIRE. He served as Assistant Producer and Senior Writer for the live webcast from Times Square on New Year's Eve 2010-2012. As a freelance writer, he has contributed to Gamespy, Premiere, Complex Magazine, Maxim Online, and MTV Magazine. His plays have been published by Playscripts, Inc., New York Theatre Experience, and Samuel French.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Correlation is not Causation

If you want to know exactly what the phrase means, here is Article Alpha.

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isaac said...

That reminds me of one of my favotie Simpson epsidoes-- the one on illegal immigration. The citizens of Springfield spend an enormous amount of money to form a BEAR PATROL that sports, amongst other things, its own stealth bomber.

It leads to the following exchange:

Ho>mer: Well, there's not a bear in sight. The Bear Patrol is sure doing its job.

Lisa That's specious reasoning, Dad.

Homer Thank you, sweetie.

Lisa Dad, what if I were to tell you that this rock keeps away tigers.

Homer Uh-huh, and how does it work?

Lisa It doesn't work. It's just a stupid rock.

Homer I see.

Lisa But you don't see any tigers around, do you?


Homer Lisa, I'd like to buy your rock.