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Monday, December 10, 2007

New York Showcase Code Reform

This is post number 1,000 on this blog. Strange. Huzzah!

Now...to business...

There was a fair amount of chatter and meetings about the issue of Showcase Code Reform this year, including articles in Time Out and the Village Voice. Since then, I'm not sure what progress has been made. Maybe I'm just out of the loop, maybe things are quiet.

Anyone out there a part of putting together the white paper, or on the front lines, have an update? You can e-mail me or comment. Certainly not an issue that should be allowed to drop.

What about The League of Independent Theater?

UPDATE: Great comments from Leonard Jacobs and John Clancy in response to this post. Take a look. Sounds like exciting stuff. Like by-laws. I'm thrilled to see so many names I recognize involved.


Leonard Jacobs said...

It's not being dropped. John Clancy has formed a pretty impressive steering committee and the League is taking decisive shape. I say this because I'm on the steering committee. Things are not in a place yet where we want to go public -- right now we have decided the best thing is to get ducks in a row, do things smartly. But it's definitely going forward.

Leonard Jacobs said...

I should also add that there are about, oh, 15-16 people on the committee. I'm a pretty small part of the enterprise, but I think what John is doing is VERY exciting.

Freeman said...

Thanks Leonard! Glad to know it. I think it's important to keep these wheels turning.

john said...


Leonard just tipped me to this. Don't know how I missed it, I'm a pretty regular reader.

Yes, the League is being borned. There's been a fair amount of discussion on my blog, www.clancyproductions.blogspot.com.

The Steering Committee is by no means an exclusive body, just a group of people with various and varied experience and areas of expertise. Right now the regular crew is:

Me, Nancy Walsh, Paul Bargetto, John Pinckard, Leonard Jacobs,Martin Denton, Paul Adams, Abby Marcus, Robert Honeywell,Shay Gines, Jennifer Conley Darling, Erez Ziv, Morgan Traccho, Michael Goldfried, Steve Kovacs and Bill Coelius. Probably forgetting someone and they'll quit in outrage.

We're doing all the sexy stuff, talking about by-laws, budgeting, like that.

But the thing is definitely moving forward. If anyone wants more info, track me down. I'm in the book, I think.