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Friday, December 21, 2007

Top Ten Year-End Things That Are On The Top Ten List Of 2007

Here is a list to commemorate 2007. It is of "Top Ten Year-End Things That Are On The Top Ten List Of 2007." They speak for themselves, and for you, and for me.

1. Iraq - Yup. Still there. We suckle huge balls! And not even for fun!
2. Spider Man 3 - Man, oh man. Wasn't that a massive letdown. Yes, yes it was. It was down, and it let me down, and they really shouldn't have bothered with all that Topher Grace shit. Also, I don't like that he calls himself Topher. My name is Matthew. No one calls me "Thew" for short, do they? No, no they don't.
3. Tracy Letts

4. Democrats Running for President - There are some. That's nifty. I wish Kucinich could astrally project his soul into someone electable.
5. Republicans Running for President - Even though Tancredo, the bigot, is out, he was able to astrally project his evil into the other candidates. Kucinich...take notes!
6. 100 Saints You Should Know - Oh the places we went! Like the lobby! And to the bar!
7. The Pretentious Festival - That was fun, no? Yes? You wouldn't understand.
8. Travels with Pammy. I went to Paris with my ladyfriend and it was exactly what you'd hope it would be. Also, we went to Sedona. That was good too. That's all under 8. It could be under 8 and 9, but forget it. It's all just one big "8."
9. Mike Daisey and a glass of water.
10. In Rainbows

Yes. Yes that's what is on this list. I will revise it in my head, periodically, but not on this webpage.


Ard said...

I agree, Topher is stupid. My name is Richard. So, call me "Ard"

David Johnston said...

I can't believe "Planet Unicorn" didn't make your list.

Kris Vire said...

Man, that Tracy Letts video just doesn't stop being awesome.