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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The AP versus Obama-Biden

Obama has chosen Joe Biden as his running mate.

Obama's biggest criticism is that he's inexperienced. He goes with a man who has boatloads of foreign policy experience as his VP choice. What happens? The AP calls it a "lack of confidence."

I don't know, but if there's anything we've seen from Obama, it's confidence. To me, the Biden choice shows that he understands the importance of a more robust ticket than simply that of "change." Change is inherent in Obama; foreign policy experience isn't.

If there's anything I hear from Obama's detractors (not his supporters) its that he is inspiring, has soaring rhetoric, but they're afraid his lack of experience will mean he can't close the deal on his promises. The choice of Biden should relax some of those doubts: he's been in public life for years, he understands the ins-and-outs of the Senate, he's got credentials, and he's going to make an excellent attack dog. (See his Guiliani withering performances in the debates.)

The willingness of Obama to add a voice that augments his own, as opposed to mirrors his own, is a sign of an intelligent executive.

Let's be honest: people who already like Obama are going to vote for him. Heck, even Democrats, liberals and progressives who are so-so on him are unlikely to vote for McCain. People who are legitimately on the fence, though, need to see people like Biden near Obama in order to feel more comfortable with him, especially as rhetoric against Russia heats up. If Obama has an "Appalachia problem," Biden will help there too, as a native Pennsylvanian and Senator from Delaware.

Ron Fournier is in the tank for McCain.

For example:

Obama Walks Arrogance Line
Obama Presidency a "stretch" for voters
Obama a Courageous Leader?

Of course, Fournier isn't just some reporter. He's the AP Washington Bureau Chief.

One who thinks Karl Rove should "keep up the fight."


Joshua James said...

New phrase Josh Marshall is using:

On the tire swing.

Reference to the media barbecue McCain had at his ranch, with video of reporters swinging on his tire swings in his yard.

It's nice.

Anonymous said...

Its really shocking how many gay people support, McCain.

We are a swing vote that tends to not vote for itself.

I only wish people were more reasonable, and better informed, but I have to disagree that liberals in general are already spoken for.

Dan F

David Johnston said...

I find it fascinating that after eight years of Dubya the Republicans criticize Obama as 'inexperienced,' 'arrogant' and 'overconfident.'