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Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech

The man said "abortion" aloud in a major speech, in front of millions, without suddenly bursting into flames, proving it can be done. That's just one of the 2 million things that speech did right. 

On a side note: McCain makes yet another play for Clinton voters with his VP pick, proving he does not have voters of his own to which he might appeal. 


Jigsaw said...

Oh, but what a VP pick she is. Against same-sex marriage but has a strong record of supporting benefits for same-sex partners. Helped kill the Bridge to Nowhere and rose in politics through ethics whistleblowing. Eldest son ships to Iraq in September. Has a child with Downs Syndrome. Husband is an Eskimo. Former beauty queen. If the woman had a few more years of experience, the GOP might have considered putting her up as a main candidate.

This VP nom could very well be an extended audition. As it stands, as transparent as it is, Palin is worrisome. Were she not rabidly pro-life, I'd be more concerned. Still, she's an appealing public figure, and counters most of McCain's faults incredibly well. I'm astounded by the pick, and think this fight just sprouted some legs.

Joshua James said...

She's also a creationist.

Scott Walters said...

Biden will dismantle her in the debate, if the press hasn't done the job before then. It is the craziest VP choice ever.