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Monday, August 11, 2008

Dear Russia

We never really got to invade you during the 80s. We don't want to miss another opportunity. Plus, you are attacking white people and not Africans, so it's easy to commit troops.

World War III or bust!

- W.


Anonymous said...

On August, 8th, 2008 in Olympic Games Opening day in Beijing, Georgia has begun bombardment of Tskhinvali. The Georgian armies have brought down fire on a sleeping city. As a result - more than 2000 civilians have been killed. It is the present genocide - one of the grave crimes! The Georgian armies bombed schools, apartment houses, hospitals, office buildings? Protection of the citizens - the basic duty of the state. Therefore Russia also has entered this conflict because in territory of South Ossetia citizens of the Russian Federation live. Russia has pulled together the armies, the peacemakers in a conflict zone. The Georgian armies had been killed 12 Russian peacemakers. Tskhinvalis and some nearby settlements are burnt, and some are wiped off the face of the earth as a result of an attack of Georgia. The Georgian armies did not let out escaping civilians from a zone of military operations. Only after long negotiations Georgia has given the chance to refugees and journalists to get out, having given a corridor.
On August, 11th 2008
Georgian armies have fired at columns of refugees in South Ossetia. On it RBC have informed in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of unrecognized republic. It is informed that in one of cases bombardment of people which moved from Tskhinvali, was spent from installations залпового fire "Hailstones". The data about injured with this barbarous attack is specified. One more attack on the civilians leaving the houses, has been fixed around village Kurta. In last hours it was informed on bombardment of Osset settlements by the Georgian heavy artillery. Speech, most likely, goes about areas to the south from Tskhinvali where the Russian peacemakers yet did not manage to suppress weapon emplacements of the opponent. It is necessary to notice that the Russian armies set as the purpose not only clearing of South Ossetia of the Georgian divisions, but also liquidation of possibility of bombardments as Tskhinvali, and other settlements of unrecognized republic.

David D. said...

Well, anonymous certainly seems to know where their cut and paste keys are. Thanks for coming by!

airJackie said...

Russia is laughing at Bush and so is the World. Russia knew what the Bush Administration has been doing in Georgia. Yes it's oil it's always oil with the White House. Russia has the right and the power. In other words Bush is a stupid lame duck President who is just making a fool of himself until the end of this term.

Anonymous said...

Please, Bush is such an embarrassment to us. He just wants to leave the world and the USA in the worst possible shape ever to the next occupant of the White House. Some on please take him away...

Anonymous said...

Just ignore Bush on this. He's just posturing, as are all the NATO leaders. Georgia told us in advance they were going to going to take over S. Ossetia. Their thinking was that because they'd sent a handfull of troops to Iraq, the U.S. and NATO would take care of the Russians for them. They were told to think again - that the best they could hope for was a weak condemnation of Russia's response. They went ahead with their plan, which anyone could have told them was foolhearty. What do you think the U.S.'s response would be would Mexico attempt to annex Arizona?

Anonymous said...

What a war like people we are.

Hey the anonymous above isn't me this time.

Dan F