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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Last night, while enjoying some bubbly, we changed the channel and caught a few minutes of Fox News. We were curious what it was like in the No Spin Zone.

1) Geraldine Ferraro was being interviewed. She appeared to be talking to Shepherd Smith from a dark room with about 5 guys all looking at dark monitors. She looked lonely, shunned. She complained about the security, and said she was "moved." Hi-larious.

2) They had some chirpy blonde interview Dana Delaney at a ball. (I assume more popular stars saw no reason to talk to Fox.) Delaney pointedly said she was supporting a woman's right to choose tonight. The interviewer was not fired... on camera.

3) Instead of an American Flag, they kept cutting to a gigantic plateful of crow.


Kyle said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure Dana Delaney said something similar to "access to safe and legal abortions"...at which point the blood drained out of the interviewer's face.

I liked her co-star outing on Battlestar, too. I think Delaney should get her own Desperate Housewives spin-off. Who's with me?

Christopher said...

I love how similar Cheney looked to Jeff Lebowski being wheeled out. "The bums lost! Condolensces!"