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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Times write up about Galactica...

Is absurd.

It's bizarrely dismissive. Luckily, there are plenty of shows without big ideas for Mike Hale to enjoy.


Zack said...

They just don't understand.

In someways, it was perfect that it never got recognition from the Emmy's or moved to NBC. It was allowed to make bold statements and take huge risks thematically.

Maybe they don't like it because there isn't enough "joy".

I couldn't help myself. :)

Dan Freeman said...

Damn cable shows. Me and my rabbit ears still have no idea what you're talking about.

Parabasis said...

I agree. And he also gives up a lot of plot details in that paragraph where he says he's not giving out plot details.

Aaron Riccio said...

Whaaaaa?!? This was awful. And as Isaac already said, it was chock full of spoilers. Saying that someone is going to die IS A SPOILER. Saying *WHO* is going to die is just a more DETAILED spoiler.

Also, this line:

"The squabbling over the political process and the debates about terrorism may make good fodder for critical essays and term papers, but they don’t make for good drama."

Um . . . isn't that exactly what makes for GOOD drama? Or does he mean that GOOD drama is the repetitious, mind-numbing procedural work (or the emotionally manipulative mind-numbing melodrama) that has gripped mainstream television?

Let me guess. Mike Hale thinks Friday Night Lights doesn't have enough football scenes, wonders why they call it Lost if they've been found, and is most looking forward to Lie To Me.