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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What you're looking forward to seeing...

So George Hunka put this together for the NY Times a little while ago.

So tell me...what three of these shows are you most looking forward to? A brief explanation is also nice.

For me:

1. Heartbreak House - To see what Kyle thinks so highly of in Shaw. I get that the essays are great...but the plays leave me cold. I'm going with an open mind.
2. King Lear - at the Classical Theatre of Harlem. Oh yes. Oh yes.
3. The Coast of Utopia - I will count these as One. Because, well, I can. My list.

Going to have to check out My Name is Rachel Corrie as well. After reading the text, I'll be honest, I'm not as enthusiastic. Certainly stagecraft and acting are missing components for me right now...but the text itself is rather slight. At least, that's my first impression.

How about you? What are you looking forward to this Fall?


Anonymous said...

1. Peer Gynt at the Delacorte next month, staged by some crazy European company that is apparently impervious to cold.
2. A production of "Twelfth Night" in Russian coming to BAM. A whole bunch o' other interesting international offerings at BAM too this fall; but I know I'm not gonna get to all of 'em.
3. I may postpone "Coast of Utopia" til spring and catch one of the all-day things. I'm rather a fan of endurance theatre.
4. "Heartbreak House", because Philip Bosco will do something remarkable.
5. "King Lear" at Classical Th. of Harlem, because their "Macbeth" this summer was so much better than the one at the Delacorte. I was looking forward to the dueling-Lear, Kline vs. DeShields smackdown, but it looks like Mr. Kline and the Public blinked and pushed theirs back to the spring. For completely unrelated reasons, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Yaeah, as I wrote yesterday, the text isn't great. But the perspective is interesting. And the reviews were rave in London, so they must have found some way for it to work? But yeah, text leaves a lot to be desired.

I'm really looking forward to both the Stoppard and Heartbreak House. In this moment, I really want to see Heartbreak House, and will be heading over to 42nd street to do that soon.

Anonymous said...

My wife saw "Rachel Corrie" in London and said it's almost unbearably moving, but you gotta see it performed.

We'll see.

Mark said...

Hey - weren't we all supposed to wait until Friday to do this!

Freeman said...

Mark -

I thought it was last Friday and no one did it! Sorry, I'm a tool. Hey... it sort of IS Friday...now... somewhere... right?

Kevin Ashworth said...

What am I looking forward to this fall? I'm hoping to catch MCC's "Nixon's Nixon." I know the playwright (Russ Less) but somehow missed its previous NYC and Boston productions.

Anonymous said...

Translations, Coast of Utopia, and Wrecks...looks like a pretty good season for plays so far

Anonymous said...

1. The Prelude 06 festival which starts next week at the Segal Center, and not just because I'm participating in the panel discussion: a terrific and inexpensive way of catching up on nontraditional theater form. And with participants like Brooke O'Harra and Jason Grote, who can complain?

2. The Wooster Group's Hamlet.

3. And, as usual, the new Foreman show.