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Monday, November 03, 2008

Attention Equity Actors - Showcase Code Reform

Reform of the NY-Showcase Code is an important issue for me, and for the health of NY's theater scene.

Actor Michael Bell is a member of the subcommittee that is reevaluating the New York Showcase Code. This is a moment for you to have your say. Leave a comment there, or e-mail him at showcase - at - michaelbell.net.

The issue of reform of the Showcase Code has been a hot topic on the blogosphere and in NYC. You should check out the League of Independent Theater Producers, and also the ART/NY White Paper on the subject.

Short version: if we want to change the restrictive Showcase Code, we need members of Actor's Equity to make a little noise. We need members of the union to speak on their own behalf to the union, and ask for changes in the code that will allow smaller theaters to grow, provide better opportunities for actors. Playwrights, producers and directors may have opinions, but only the voices of actors count to the union.

So contact Michael and give him some real fuel, real stories, and real appeals. It's an opportunity to make very real change in NYC's theater scene. Positive and exciting change for all of us.

Again...go here and leave a comment, or e-mail.

Here are some articles about the subject:

Village Voice

Don't know the Code? Read it here.

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