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Friday, February 06, 2009

Regarding Christian Bale

I'm not one for Entertainment Gossip, but I have to say, as someone who has been in a fair number of rehearsal rooms, and someone who has, in his life, blown up at people in ways I'm glad were never recorded...I have to say...

C'mon people. Give the man a break.

The internet is a bizarre way for, by shaming and recording. the human race to self-govern. One wonders if it will lead us to deeper sympathy, or an increasing number of public stonings.


Matthew Trumbull said...

of course, few know the exact circumstances, but yeah, I can see why an actor might snap if he's trying to do a scene and is constantly being distracted. Sometimes it really take a great deal of concentration. Some technicians forget that.

Though I have never heard someone called "a nice guy" with more fury in my life.

David D. said...

I don't know-- certainly the size of the shaming by the Gossip Industrial Complex is out of scale with the actual incident, because anyone that has blown up in that way knows you end up not getting what you want, and mostly end up having to apologize...

But I do find it funny that this angry stand for the acting to be respected over the lights came in the middle of shooting a Terminator movie. I mean... not that I'm saying you shouldn't want to do good, credible acting in anything you do, but I would imagine if there was ever a place where you shouldn't be surprised that the lighting looking cool is prioritized over an intimate moment, it might be on an enormously technical movie about killer robots by a music video director and his team.

It would be like doing a Star Wars movie and screaming that someone keeps sticking a puppet in your face. I don't know.

But, at the end of the day, I agree that people are making more of it than they need to.

Brian said...

I can understand getting upset in those circumstances, but his rant, to me, goes beyond understandable frustration into total douchbaggery.

A case can be made as to whether anyone deserves to be humiliated on the internet, but I would certainly think twice about working with Christian Bale after this. (Because, you know, I expect to be presented with that option any day now.)