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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Okay musical theater lovers

How do we like the new Spider Man musical preview song?


isaac butler said...

Like the thoroughly bored crowd, we hate it. did he say "I'd pee myself if I knew I'd become?" But then again, I haven't really liked anything U2 has done since Zooropa, and this seems of a piece with their slightly-harder-than-adult-contemporary vibe. Also, that kid can't hit all the notes he's supposed to sing.

KatGB said...

Um, when did Peter Parker's day job change from photographer to rock star?

Were there some lyrics in there about Spiderman? Because if there were, I missed 'em.

The only Taymor I'm interested in at the moment is The Tempest. December 10th, baby!

Aaron Riccio said...

If I was hard on Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson for being all over the place, how do you think I'm going to treat this moody piece of crap?

joshcon80 said...