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Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Spread of Democracy in the Middle East

Hamas has won the Parlimentary Elections in Palestine. Guess what? That's a free election. They want to destroy Israel.

The Iranian leaders that proclaim that the Holocaust never happened? Elected.

Changing the government doesn't change the ideas. We have to change the HATE, not the way people express their hate.

I think, just maybe, bombing and meddling isn't working. Maybe...food? Aid? Education? Respect?

Right Wing Response: We do not give food to terrorists.

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devore said...

uno caveat:

iran's president was hardly elected fairly. ask the opposition who were kidnapped, murdered, and intimidated. it was well documented, and not just by the US.

your post is well-founded, but i have little sympathy for those mullahs. i hate our fanatics, and i hate theirs.

shit. i'm a fanatic.