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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Islam Mocked By Cartoon

Ok. Now, I totally understand that no one likes their God offended.

To have one's God made fun of in a CARTOON in DENMARK?

Seriously, most religious undergrads go through bigger tests of faith just by reading.

This is not a defense of bigotry or hate speech. It's just silly to blow stuff up over cartoons. Honestly, kids, don't do it.


parabasis said...

I think it's important in these matters to look at who is profiting by all of this. I think you'll see it is largely corrupt middle eastern governments, namely the Egyptians, who need to proove their fundamnetalist bonafides (being a secular gov't) and the Saudis, who need to distract attention away from negligent deaths during the Hajj.

It is important for moderate muslims to speak out, but let us also look to the governments who are manipulating their citzenry into this barbarism.

devore said...

lets also talk about how the US state department issued a statement decrying mocking any religion.


Freeman said...

Well, at least I know my Dad can never, ever be arrested. For, um, anything. At all.

Just keep the collar on Pops.

david d. said...


I'm sorry... I couldn't help it, it just has a ring to it. And who ever thought there would be someone chanting that anywhere??

Alison Croggon said...

The best commentary I've read on this is (as often) on Juan Cole's excellent blog. He sees the riots as more to do with colonial issues and perceptions of Western racism than religion, and makes his case carefully and informedly. Note also that the Danish newspaper concerned refused to publish some cartoons lampooning Christianity, for fear it might offend Christians. There ain't nothing simple about this issue; and I speak as a former journalist who believes passionately in the freedom of the press.

Joshua said...

Moderate muslims don't speak out because A) they support the thoughts and goals behind the violence even if they don't support the violence or B) because they fear a violent reprisal themselves.

But the idea of a moderate muslim is not the same as a moderate christian. Not at all, not even close. Moderate Christians are usually people who go to church only on holidays and say they believe in god. Moderate muslims are far different from that.

Well, I posted on this at length on Issac's site, but I'm sickened by it the reaction. If your religion is so fragile that a cartoon can cause murder, something is wrong in that system somewhere.

It's a cartoon. Come on. And we have a cartoon Jesus on South Park, do we not? Is anyone getting set on fire because of that?