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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Let's have a quick poll

Can Hillary win the Presidency?


devore said...


Scott Walters said...

Yes, but it will be tight. (And there are better candidates.)

MattJ said...


Tim said...

yes, and she will

Zay Amsbury said...

It depends on who she's running against, but generally I'd say not by a long shot.

She's already been branded really badly by the media, and even if she were at state neutral she fails at the thing that seems to be the most important factor: she plays poorly on TV.

Remember the polls when it was Gore v. Bush? Gore consistently won on every single line-item for content. People preferred his programs, his economic approach, his records, everything. But he lost.

Now, yes, he won the popular vote, barely, but Bush is president because even though his administration is what it is, Rove created a media image of him that got the the vote was close enough for whatever shenanigans took place.

It's clear: for the Democratic candidate to win, they must win by a significant margin.

I'd take bets right now that any Republican candidate who ranks even or better against Hilary in terms of TV presence will win.

Freeman said...

I'd say that Zay definitely has a strong point. The fact is, she comes off sort of cold and unappealing on camera. I'm sure that she can put up a fine fight, because she's tough and the blue-states will vote for her.

I'm curious how she'll fare in the primaries against people like Bill Richardson, who is just really underrated.

The best thing for Hillary is, frankly, we just had four years of George Bush.

MattJ said...

her husband doesn't hurt either, as he has strangely hit the height of his popularity over the past 2 years rather than during his actual presidency...

devore said...

It was unfathomable in 1998 to think that the son of George Bush could win in 2000, even if by legal derring-do.

Hillary has the money, and the current media bashing will be forgotten. She can reinvent herself easily as a hawkish moderate, who talks tough on social issues.

She doesn't need charisma either. I mean, the nation looooooved Bill's smoothness, but also ate up Bush's gee-shucks down home strut. I think that Hillary could conceivably sell boring and gravitas and the voters could eat that up. After 8 years of cowboy politics, I could see a campaign dynamic that sells unsexy seriousness.

Sadly, I think for a woman to win the presidency, she'd have to temper her sexuality. But, frankly, I don't think Americans like their presidents to be sexual at all.

That said: she has the money and plenty of time to shop stances, and issues.

Freeman said...

The money is so much of the battle, it's sad. I remember when I heard that George W. Bush had some record breaking fundraising early on in his candidacy and I pointedly thought "That makes him an ACTUAL candidate, doesn't it?" Terrified me, and now he's in his second term.

Hillary sort of lacks the X-Factor, though. Look at Barak Obama and how he's a political neophyte that's got "it." Hillary has been in the public eye for centuries, and it's never seemed like she gained public sympathy.

Bush doesn't seem to have "it" either, but he's constantly (and sort of surprisingly) called a charmer by most who've met him in person.

Mark said...

Right now, I think any Democrat has a chance, but Hillary's not my choice.

That said, I think she wipes the floor with Bill Frist or Jeb Bush. Giuliani and McCain are tougher to call. If the media continues to mindlessly reinforce the saintliness-narrative with those two, they could win. Or will the hard-right find them unacceptable and stay home or support an alternative like the Constitution Party.

But the fact that Democrats have such a clear shot to win is one of the main reasons why I think we should nominate someone other than Hillary. She hasn't led. She's fiddled around condemning video games and flag burning while our country is being taken apart. Not my idea of a leader.

Philucifer [aka Charlie Willis] said...

Not a chance in hell.

The thing that most blue-staters don't understand is that when it comes to red-staters, they feel about Hillary about the same way we feel about Bush. I've never understood WHY this is (I think it has to be a gumbo of several different things) but it's true. Even those who are ready for a change would rather vote for ANYBODY other than Hillary.

Adam said...

hillary is kind of more of a republican than I'd like but i might still vote for her.

but I don't think she can win.

Floyd said...

you can win. MATT FREEMAN FOR PRESIDENT!!! LOL HA! Love me my Matt Freeman!!

Floyd said...

you can win. MATT FREEMAN FOR PRESIDENT!!! LOL HA! Love me my Matt Freeman!!

Joshua said...

It's not CAN she, it's SHOULD she, is she the best candidate the democratic party can offer who will uphold the constitution and be honest with this countries citizens?

The answer is NO. She is not and has not and probably will not. She's not been honest about a lot of things regarding Iraq and regarding the constitution (bear in mind she was one of the geniuses behind the ban on burning flags).

Just as bloomberg is a rino (repub in name only) hillary is a dino (dem in name only) with strong conservative ties, believe it or not.

You don't get Rupert Murdock or Newt Gingerich's support just arbitrarily.

She's not a good candidate

devore said...

She's not the best candidate, you're right.

As for Gingrich: he looks positively saintly compared to his contemporaries.

Freeman said...

I think that it's possible for her to do it, but she's going to have to play "Electoral College Monopoloy" in order to do so. There are certain states that would never vote for her.

Jamespeak said...

Can she win?


Sadly, I think the only way for us to elect a woman President is if she's on the far right; a Margaret Thatcher clone.

A female Republican candidate will win votes from the left. A female Democrat candidate will not gain any voters from the right.