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Matthew Freeman is a Brooklyn based playwright with a BFA from Emerson College. His plays include THE DEATH OF KING ARTHUR, REASONS FOR MOVING, THE GREAT ESCAPE, THE AMERICANS, THE WHITE SWALLOW, AN INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR, THE MOST WONDERFUL LOVE, WHEN IS A CLOCK, GLEE CLUB, THAT OLD SOFT SHOE and BRANDYWINE DISTILLERY FIRE. He served as Assistant Producer and Senior Writer for the live webcast from Times Square on New Year's Eve 2010-2012. As a freelance writer, he has contributed to Gamespy, Premiere, Complex Magazine, Maxim Online, and MTV Magazine. His plays have been published by Playscripts, Inc., New York Theatre Experience, and Samuel French.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

More from the Wonderful

Back from a wedding in Sonoma, and it was gorgeous out there, and I feel great. It was a Quaker Wedding between James Yeargain (fine actor) and Suzannah Murray (jeweler and artistic soul). Great people bot and I wish them happiness. Had a great time on the plane with this kid, as I always do. She's a goofball and pretty.

Think I'll go see X-Men 3. Yeah. Fun.

Season 2 Finale of Lost was cool. Weird. Can't tell if they have ANY idea what they're doing. Michael Emerson is king of all media.

Either way, happy as a clam, looking forward to a little time spent in rehearsals to see where we are, and tomorrow we all have the day off. Lovely, lovely.

The postcard art for Most Wonderful Love is live on the site, and I think it's very "Old Broadway" and I sort of love it. Here it is.

Turns out Scott Walters is back and George Hunka wants to take a break. Either way, let's everyone be nice to each other. I have to agree with Isaac...this isn't a contest. We are here to celebrate our mutual love of a unique art form.

I'm working on an interview for nytheatre.com... harder to write these than it used to be. When it's up, I'll be sure to send a link.


P'tit Boo said...

I love the postcard !

Live and let live i say.

russ marcel said...

You were in Sonoma, huh? That's in Northern California, right? Hmmm...who else do you know that lives in the Bay Area? I can't seem to recall, but I hope he's not super-pissed that you didn't call or write to let him know you'd be in town.

Love the blog by the way...nice to keep tabs on what you're up to. Break a leg with the show...

Can you send me the script? I'd love to read it.


Freeman said...


E-mail the main line, my friend. The trip was sort of booked wall-to-wall, so I thought maybe it wouldn't work out to try to do more than just follow Pam around.

That being said...I'm sorry. Now you're not only bigger than me, but a Dad. That's so many ways you could kick my ass.