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Friday, April 25, 2008

Must be doing something right

Sorry for the light posting lately. Obviously, we've been getting reviews, audiences, and working our way through the tumult of this production, especially one that seems to get such strong reactions.

One way I know we must be doing something right: no one, not reviewers, not audiences, not even those in the production, have a mild opinion about both the play and the production.

It's wonderful and a little exhausting for me. But I'm proud of the play and I do encourage you to see it. We're open until May 10th...plenty of time for you to work us into your schedule.

For those with an eye on the price of tickets...our tickets are $18. Our top ticket price would be cheaper than the discounted tickets for a lot of other options you might have. That's true of a great many productions in the city and I think it's worthy of mention.

Tickets for When is a Clock can be reserved here.

There's also a lot of great work coming up or currently running elsewhere.

Rapid Response Team has their final show of the season on Sunday April 27th. Lots of great people involved. Read all about it here. Should be a kick. $10 tickets at the door, Bowery Poetry Club. Isaac writes about it here.

James Comtois and Nosedive Productions are set to open "A Colorful World" which I will be seeing early and often, no doubt. It opens May 8th. Tickets can be reserved here.

My good friend Brian Olsen will be directing a play called F*ck Me B*at Me L*ve Me at the Kraine, opening May 1st. I'll be hopefully posting more about it soon. I'm excited to see it and Brian's a very talented guy.

The Brick has a cast of thousands shoehorned into Billyburg for Babylon Babylon. Hell yes, everyone should see this. I will be seeing it soon. Tickets? Here.

Go see all of these!

And don't forget about When is a Clock while you're at it. I'd love to see you there.

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Chance Muehleck said...


Something right, indeed. I caught your show a couple of nights ago and liked it very much. Congrats to you and your team.