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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Palin's Gender Gap

Apparently, men like Palin more than women.

Men also like hockey more than women, I'd bet. Perhaps we should make hockey the Vice President and make hockey Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.


Anonymous said...

It seems to me that there is simply no way for anyone outside of Alaska to have enough information to have any intelligent opinion about the woman yet. But many studies in the field of cognitive psychology do show that people don't actually use information to make decisions and rely almost exclusively on deeper biological reactions that later get decorated as rational decisions post hoc. Perhaps that is what we are really seeing in the polls regarding Palin.

g11 said...

who are these men that like her? Ive yet to meet one. I, like all my other male friends and acquaintences have confirmed our votes for the obama ticket immediately upon her being named mccains VP. This man is reckless and desperate.

Mark said...

Except for white women, who've swung to McCain by 20 points since she was picked.


This is where his bump in the polls comes from. Obama left the door open for this by not picking Hillary and McCain walked right through.

Kerry said...

Or, a lot of those white women are racist assholes who had no intention of voting for Obama at all -- do we really think any woman truly in tune with the Democratic platform is going to vote for McCain? And do we really think that any woman who cared only about a vicarious vagina victory, rather than actual women's isues, was going to be placated by the thought of Hillary having to play second fiddle to a black man?