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Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin's Performance on ABC

There's some debate in my household as to whether her not Palin's clearly weak performance during her interview with Charles Gibson will affect the race at all. Will moderates get swayed by her not knowing what the Bush Doctrine is, or is this all just going to go over the heads of people who tune into politics more casually?

I think the look on Gibson's face during the interview sort of does all the work.


jengordonthomas said...

It will definitely effect it; to the Repub's detriment. She's an idiot. And that idiocy was reflected on the mirror that is Charlie Gibson's face...displayed across tv land to millions of viewers who, while not necessarily politically discerning, are capable enough to pick up on the subtle nuances of non-verbal communication. She screwed herself. I truly believe that.

Director said...

As much as I agree with jeng's first statement (Palin is an idiot), I disagree with his last statement (she screwed herself).

While a hot idea, I don't think she screwed herself. Her voter base is going to be loyal and make up whatever excuses they need to rationalize her answers. "oh, that was unfair, she's only been in the national spotlight for two weeks" or whatever.

The ones that she may or may not have alienated are the ones who are on the fence. Let's hope she royally screwed herself, though. And took pictures.

Anonymous said...

Um, She was interviewed on ABC? I had no idea.