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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bullsh*t Balance

This typifies what's wrong with the question of "balance" in the mainstream media.

McCain announces that he's going to bring up the sleaze factor because without it, he can't win. Then he and his running mate start doing the worst kind of race-baiting and fear-mongering ("Who is he?" says McCain. "A terrorist!" screams one of his supporters). The Washington Post actually reported that someone at a Palin rally said "Kill him!" about Obama.

This is simply dangerous stuff.

Obama puts out a website about something McCain was ACTUALLY involved in, and it's the equivalent? Hell no. It might not be kid gloves, but it's not veiled hate speech.

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dane said...

Precisely my eyes wide opened friend! Even Obama's quote from Campbell Brown is mis-conceived and -quoted by inference. Obama was clearly stating that "There's no DOUBT THAT anything McNoShame did on public record, had written about and apologized for was not germane to the campaign." (eg. There's no doubt he didn't run fast. AND There's no doubt he ran fast - both meaning the same thing) She further confuses her audience by her lack of understanding. In essence - to learn, or in this case as I and obviously millions did - RElearn the FACTS allows us to make an INTELLIGENT, INFORMED decision. ALL the FACTS and truth are germane to any election. In this case as it relates DIRECTLY to his judgment after already being caught with his hand in the till and promoting, as always, MORE DEREGULATION for the almost invariably REPUBLICAN BILLIONAIRES on wall street and elsewhere, is the MOST GERMANE THING IMAGINABLE. McNoShame is the one to bring JUDGMENT INTO QUESTION! Yet he has none unless it promotes the rich! Period! That is judgment that is being a robot or puppet a=like all republicans I am aware of. It is the slanderous - evil-intentioned, win at any cost REPUBLICAN MO to not lose the power base for them and their cronies that is sickening and as you say very dangerous. If this man, who already is despised by all those mercenary-contractor - Bush/Chaney supporters who understand the multi-billion dollar party at the taxpayer's expense is over! Throw in all the centuries of racial hatred, especially in the south and you have a very dangerous and too easily incited mob mentality that only takes one loon or in Kennedy's case 100 of them - to rob us all of this precious leader at a time - unlike any other in American history - that he is sorely needed. I pray every day he is protected very - very well because those murderous bastards play for keeps as the truly informed know all too well!

I am a screenwriter in LA at filminsight@gmail.com so hit me up! Dane