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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Something else I've been up to

Reading issues of DC's comic book minseries Final Crisis whenever they come out. One comes out today I think. Very entertaining.

I'm sort of a DC fan only when Crisis stuff rolls around. I have fond memories of Crisis on Infinite Earths as a kid blowing my mind; then I read Identity Crisis (on loan, which I thought was ok, but not really a Crisis story). I loved Infinite Crisis because it seemed like a natural extension of the original.

This one... is odd. It's growing on me. It's being written by Grant Morrison, who is notoriously apeshit and is going hardcore for this Jack Kirby oddball New Gods stuff and using it to make an incredibly screwed up story. I've never really seen a superhero story exactly like it, so I'm enjoying it. But I will say it's...creepy. Really creepy. It's got weird stuff like Vandal Savage becoming Biblical Cain and the "Anti-Life Equation" and long forgotten characters like Libra taking center stage. Characters you'd only know if you had a copy of Who's Who in the DC Universe back in the day.

I wrote this post for David DelGrosso and Jason Grote, I think.

I think I've filled up my geek meter for the day.


Anonymous said...

It's "The Wire" for comics.

I loves it, me.

Zay (sticking his head out from grad school)

Freeman said...

...Zay? ZAY?!