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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Final Debate Response

Obama handled himself perfectly. I think the high point of the debate was where they opened up the floor to McCain's distractions/talking points about the Weather Underground and voter sign-ups. First, Obama politely tried to take the high road and refer to a tough campaign and "hurt feelings" being nothing compared to real issues. In a sense, he let McCain off the hook here.

The, when McCain had the chutzpah to ask Obama for an apology because others took exception to the racist undertones of the McCain rallies, Obama shed some explicit light on the subject.

It was classy, and smart, and he made it look effortless. It made McCain seem trapped in making a small argument in times with big problems.

The less said about the hackneyed "Joe the Plumber" nonsense the better.

I'd also like to add that autism and Down Syndrome are very different things.


TD said...

"I'd also like to add that autism and Down Syndrome are very different things."

Whoa, really??

Freeman said...

Unless you're John McCain, yes.

David D. said...

I have to agree that I was pretty shocked by that slip. Especially since McCain has supposedly waded into the controversy surrounding autism and vaccinations, and even has a section on his website about it. I would expect him to at least know what autism IS if he is supposed to be leading on that that issue.

I have to say- I am REALLY glad the debates are over. No matter how much energy I spend sitting there as if a referee, there is so little difference I can make with my New York vote, so I am ready to get it all over with.

Kerry said...

I just hope that the "health" of John McCain's campaign continues to nosedive.

And memo to the McCain campaign: When your candidate already looks slightly deranged in the split-screen shots at the debates, it might be a good idea to discourage him from talking about hatchets, scalpels, and other sharp implements. In fact, I was kinda worried he might try to jab his Sharpie marker into Obama's temple at one point last night.