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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This is hilarious

Sometimes David Brooks is even more insane than usual.

"That leaves matters in the hands of the Blue Dog Democrats. These brave moderates are trying to restrain the fiscal explosion. But moderates inherently lack seniority (they are from swing districts). They are usually bought off by leadership at the end of the day."

Funny how the very conservative Democrats who are gumming up the works and thus turning a clear majority into a mess of compromise are, according to Brooks, brave on healthcare.

First of all, Obama's approval ratings are still well north of 55% personally, and as he becomes the prime messenger of the Health Care Message, it will gain approval. It's humiliating that congressional Democrats are allowing the press to cover Michael Steele and Mitch McConnell as if they're anything but minority lightweights and comedians, but apparently Obama is the only Democrat the press will give a microphone these days.

Most people won't admit this, but they don't actually give a damn what health care costs. We need health care reform. It often amazes me how Senators and Congresspersons hold the line on costs when the question is whether or not people can go to the hospital, but will vote to approve money for as many guns as they possibly can. Any question of higher deficits from Republicans and even Blue Dog Democrats who voted in favor of our two major wars, and voted for the Bush tax cuts, are hollow and should be treated as such. When the health care industry is lining their pockets, they become fiscal conservatives.

Suffice to say, what I suspect worries the American people isn't the technical details of the bill or the costs. It's that Democrats can't control a debate when they have the Presidency and majorities in both Houses of Congress. I would bet any money that those people who don't approve of the handling of the health care bills aren't upset that the bills might pass. They're upset that they might not.

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Kristen Palmer said...

After receiving yet another rejection for health insurance from our current health care 'system' which aggressively excludes millions of people - I agree. I will be disgusted with the democrats if they cannot make this happen.

cost is not the issue. The issue is whether every human has the right to medical care. or to put it personally, are you going to look at me - or anyone else without health insurance and say - oh right, you, we're going to just let you die. You have no employer plan and you have a pre-existing condition. so, well. sorry. death to you and all those like you.

frame the debate reformers! frame it right!