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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Health Care Reform made simple

President Obama wants

1. People to have access to a doctor without going broke
2. Better competition with health insurance companies and more choice for consumers
3. To make it illegal health "insurers" to deny coverage to people that pay for it.

What about that makes people carry guns to rallies, exactly? What exactly are they protesting for or against?


jengordonthomas said...

When I see these people screaming incoherent blah-blah at Spector, when I read some right wing repub nutjob posting on my facebook something about "government being able to decide who lives and dies"...I feel a bit like Kathy Bates as Annie Wilkes in Misery. I want to scream "Have you all got amnesia? They just cheated us! This isn't fair! HE DID'NT GET OUT OF THE COCK - A - DOODIE CAR!"

But then I calm down and go back to searching the Help Wanted pages so that I can pay the $450/mo bill for my COBRA coverage and the 10K I still owe for my brain surgery, despite the fact that I had insurance at the time.


Unknown said...

We are become a nation of idiots and drones. How quickly people forget the recent past.

This is a replay in whole of the vilification of reason by the extremist neo-cons amidst us just as it happened in the hawkish and bullish days that preceded the financial meltdown. The cry then as now was to get Government out of business so that the greed Merchants can rule the roost until the blood is sucked dry from us all.

Obama has promised change and is making a gallant effort to deliver, it remains to be seen if all who believe will stand up to be counted and not fizzle out in the face of "hypothesizing" disgruntleds.

If Bush was allowed to plow the surpluses and debts of a nation into a "personal war" in the name of national security for 8 years, Obama and supporters deserve at least a chance to deliver a counterpoint in at least 2 years without getting spit upon.

Perhaps we should all run to the gun shows in Virginia and start stockpiling assault weapons to assert our 2nd amendment right so that when these "anarchists" masquerading as "free-market" advocates are successful in imposing their views we will all be prepared to defend against the greater evil that will follow on the heels of the global financial disaster.

Anyone who thinks the financial crisis was bad does not know what lays ahead if the critical restructuring of health related costs is not urgently addressed.

I am waiting for the "absolutely free market" purists to stand up and take "credit" for the financial disaster that has touched every corner of the globe following the bullish run of 8 years during which absolute deregulation and monopolies such as Halliburton were greatly encouraged.

Here we go again, clear the deck for the "anarchists" and let's have a total meltdown of order and good governance.