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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some health care silliness via Boing Boing

Anti-health-care loon says Stephen Hawking wouldn't stand a chance under British health care system.

This is why it's not worth a respectful debate, crew.

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cgeye said...

You misunderstand. This is a koan.

If anyone who knows the slightest bit about Hawking reads that nonsense, their head explodes. If anyone who is bone ignorant about the man believes the disinfo, they're hooked for life.

It's like people who know about the American and Irish Catholic Church pattern of molestations by priests -- they can't unsee those crimes when thinking about the Church's inherent goodness.

The transmission of the Hawking NHS=Death meme is a measure of the system's overall effectiveness. The fact it got play as much as it did proves the failure of truth in American media. It's too late to complain; 'tis already done.