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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Harriet Miers Runs For It

So long Harriet Miers. Hello Lame Duck Presidency.

This one's a plus and a minus, honestly. Will Bush nominate someone who will please conservatives with their radical views, or a moderate that continue to show his fear of a Democratic backlash.

He's screwed either way and there's a good reason: he's invested a great deal of his "political capital" into screwing Democrats at every turn, and now that his own party is turning away from his failed policies, he's a goner. He's got no one out there that supports him.

Looking more like Nixon every day.

If the indictments come down today (and they very well should) then we may be looking at this day as the day Bush's presidency finally went up in flames.

If only this had happened in the first term.


Scott Walters said...

I wish I could celebrate this -- to me, Miers seemed unsuited to the Supreme Court. However, by being brought down by right-wing Republicans, I am concerned that the next nominee will be far to the right of Miers, and I don't think the Democrats can stop such a nomination. We may find ourselves longing for Miers soon.

Freeman said...

I've heard this, and I think it's a fair assessment. It could be that they'll pull in a far more conservative nominee and we may wind up with worse.

My thought is, though, that Bush is now gunshy. His poll ratings are low and his conservative base spent a fair amount of time attacking him. I'm not sure he'll go with anyone but what appears to be a qualified moderate. Time will tell.

Joshua said...

I think Matt's right, if only because now the Dem's are emboldened by the fracture in the red party and will not now hesitate to go to take it to a filibuster against another Scalia if necessary - there were too timid with Roberts and they know it -

There's also talk that O'Conner may reconsider her resignation, though I think that's unlikely -

I really think that Bush could go down hard if not harder than Nixon - bear in mind, he's only in the first year of his second term. His bully boys have threatened and pushed and dominated for a long time and now the opposition smells blood and is itchin' for some payback.