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Friday, October 21, 2005

Patrick Fitzgerald Sets Up A Website

In today's War Room at Salon.com, they noted that Patrick J. Fitzgerald has just set up a website (linked above.) Why would would he do that if he was just about to pack it up and go home?

I'm feeling an old-fashioned legal fist fight coming. Bare knuckles. Nixon style.

Plame's the name we're going to remember. I bet Scooter Libby and Pig-Mask Rove wish they never leaked it.

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Joshua said...

Cage match, yahoo!

Man oh man, am I ready for a huge clearing sale of used and digitally corrupt politicos - warranty expired, they're frucked, send 'em back to manufactuer and tell them not to assemble any more of these default neo-con models.

If Rove goes to jail, we need to throw a party.