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Monday, October 03, 2005

Harriet Miers: Cronyism meets Feminism

Bush has announced his long-time "confidant" Harriet Miers as his Supreme Court nominee. She has never been a judge. She serves as White House counsel. All of this says "Oh my God we are in terrible danger," to me. For one, she's lived in service of George Bush for years. Anyone who can stand next to that man, defend his policies and be in his devilish "confidence" must undoubtedly be both deluded and dangerous.

Since right now the reporting about Harriet Miers is a bit quick and dirty (I've already read that she has no "judicial record" so it will be hard to nail her on issues) I've done a little Google detective work just for fun, to see what I could dig up about her.

Here's a bit of her playing White House mouthpiece in 2004. Pay special attention to her views on the 9/11 commission and connecting 9/11 to both Iraq and the economy.

Here's a little something about how much her law firm contributed (on the record) to Bush-Cheney's 2000 campaign.

A law.com profile about her before she became general counsel. Love the hair. She sounds like a pill.

I think, frankly, even if she hasn't been nailed down to a position on say, torture, or women's rights, we can pretty much assume this woman is a right-winger par excellance and "on message."

Amazing how if you look at the conservative blogsphere, she's being viewed as a possible bad choice... someone who "can't be trusted to overturn Roe."

I thought we didn't want them legislating from the bench.

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