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Friday, September 30, 2005

William Bennett is "Inappropriate"

When did the words "not appropriate" become accepted as truly critical? When someone burps in the middle of a wedding dinner, they have done something inappropriate. When a major public figure says, outloud, on National Television, that the death of all black children in the US would reduce the crime rate, it is worthy of undeniable shame and a full frontal attack on that kind of thinking. The President should say "Anyone who thinks this is an idiot, America. I hereby banish this man from my sight. Let him practice freedom of speech at a KKK rally." Then he should lead the nation is the "NaNa-Na-Na, NaNa-Na-Na, Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye" song and tell Bennett not let the door hit him in the ass on the way out.

Bush didn't say that of course. Why would he? He gave Bennett the "tsk, tsk." No wonder the people of the Ninth Ward in New Orleans think the levees weren't fixed because the Government wanted to kill poor blacks.

William Bennett, author of "The Book of Virtues" and a conservative bigwig (former Education Secretary) was trying to make an argument that the reason that crime is going down is because abortion is on the rise. He stated that the logic is "tricky" and that if every black baby in America was aborted, crime would go down.

I'm sure he thought he was just talking in broadly academic terms, and that he "meant to say" something else. That's really too bad. He didn't say "if you aborted everyone on the earth there would be no crime" (which is true); he said "if you abort all the black children there would be less crime." That's because he connects crime with black people. And maybe it's just that attitude that isn't exactly helping the African-American population dance a happy jig to capitalism's tune.

If Bush won't say it, I will:

Bennett, get your face out of Mein Kampf and go home and hold "The Book of Virtues" to your chest and cry. As long as you possibly can. We'll tell you when to stop.

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