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Monday, September 12, 2005

John G. Roberts Confirmation Hearings

It strikes me, listening to Senator Bill Frist and others give opening statements in John G. Roberts confirmation hearings, that the most disingenuous good old boys on the earth are still the Republicans.

The speech which included "Let's go back to the good old days" made me very quietly turn to my immediate right and put my visage into the waste paper basket. If I hear one more incredibly rich lawyer that just happens to have a Southern accent talk about law and government like it's a dusty game of catch, I'll light all the waste paper in the basket on fire.

Now there's a jackoff on NPR who's talking about how the right to privacy is NOT in the constitution and is considered an "inherent" right and why isn't the "right to life" considered "inherent." Then he said there have been 40 million abortions and therefore "40 million people killed in this country" because of Roe vs. Wade.

These are the people claiming we should all give Roberts a pass, that he's "well-qualified" and the President should have who he wants in there. Then WHY are we having a hearing, crew? What's the point? And when you say stuff like "Abortion is Murder" really loudly again, right after saying "confirm this guy" we all get a little, um, ancy.

Because you are, um, I know you guys hate it when we say this...um... Christian Totalitarians? Religious extremists? Terribly dangerous.

John Roberts opening statement was "I have no agenda."

That is true of no man, woman or child on the earth.

That's like me saying "I have never spoken to another human person in my life."

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Kevin said...

Hi Matt!

Then WHY are we having a hearing, crew? What's the point?

There's some good perspective on this in the Atlantic. Benjamin Wittes' last sentence sums up:

"The major value of the Senate's proceedings, in other words, lies not in anything we might learn from them ... but in the president's knowledge that they happen at all."