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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Blumenthal on Karen Hughes

Check out the Salon.com article from Blumenthal on the terror that Karen Hughes brings every where she goes.

I was raised in a Christian household, and I will say with all sincerity that it never occured to me as a child that being Christian also meant being a bluthering, self-centered, isolated buffoon. The idea that this woman, with her utterly simplistic worldview, is speaking to foreign leaders is one that should send shivers down the spine of anyone with a sense of history.

Everything that the neo-conservatives have brought to the table in the Middle East would play like a greek tragedy, if the neo-conservatives had any good intentions. In order for it to be tragedy, I believe, we have to feel that something is lost for our hero. There is a mix of cynicism and pure childishness in our foreign policy: we combine a sense of moral correctness even as we kill thousands and speak in religious tones, and then scratch our heads when anyone implies they feel we're in a religious war. Then they blow themselves up, and we say "Islam is bad, it makes them blow themselves up."

Is it more morally justifiable to induce young people to kill others, than it is to induce them to kill themselves?

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