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Friday, September 09, 2005

Another quick word about Dick Cheney

My friend Michael is a real estate agent in New York, who heard through some grapevine or another that Dick Cheney was M.I.A because he was closing on a new mansion.

Now, I've seen the polls, I've heard the story about Rice getting yelled at in NY for buying shoes during Hurricane season, I've heard the bit about Laura Bush calling the biggest thing in the Zeitgeist the wrong name, and I've seen the racism in the the culture bubbling up like the sewage that it is, and I've even seen the press not crucify Barabara Bush when her human mask slipped off for a second.

But for the love of God, Cheney. There are thousands who are homeless, and you're buying a place up the street from Rumsfeld? BEFORE stopping by to check out the damage?

I would say "have a heart" but well... it's just too easy.

What, exactly, do these people have to do in order to get fired?

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