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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Fringe Festival - Open Thread

Is it just me, or is the Fringe making very little noise this year? Isn't it their 10th Anniversary?

So...for all y'all who've been making the Rounds at the Fringe Festival...what have you seen that you've felt strongly about? Anything you'd like to promote now that we're in the midst? Any thoughts about the Fringe as a whole? Anything you saw that you felt really didn't work?

(As always, I'll direct readers, for inspiration and information, to www.nytheatre.com which has posted 70 reviews of Fringe Festival shows.)

Hit up the comments section! Ahoy-hoy!

EDIT: How many more years will it be until there is an article about the Fringe that doesn't mention "Urinetown?"


MattJ said...

Per my post, AMERICANBLACKOUT should definitely be checked out. I highly recommend it.

One thing I have been baffled by is shows hindered by their own technical ambitions. My feeling is that if you are going to apply to do a show in the fringe, choose a show that isn't busting at the seems when put inside the limitations of the festival. In other words, I don't know why shows, even if they have money, try to put Phantom of the Opera on. The tech and load-in factors alone, money aside, are enough to necessitate another look at what can be successful in this medium.

The fringe is a place for 2 boards and a passion. And as I understand it, there are definitely some shows doing that this year...

Don R. Hall said...

For something light and fluffy, check out Don't Spit the Water. These cats are friends of mine and the SM was our girl for Soiree DADA: Neue Weltaffen last year.

For fun and meaty, check out Greg Allen's he Complete Lost Works of Samuel Beckett as Found in a Dustbin in Paris in an Envelope (Partially Burned) Labeled: "Never to be Performed. Never. Ever. EVER! OR I’LL SUE! I’LL SUE FROM THE GRAVE!!! Smart and funny as hell.

As for your updated question, the articles mentioning Urinetown will thin out as soon as another show showcased at the Fringe gets picked up for a Broadway run.

Tara said...

Happy Sauce was absolutely hilarious, and definitely in the DIY spirit of the Fringe. They've been selling out the Access Theater, and rightly so.

As for plays that have been getting more press attention, I found Walmartopia and especially I Was Tom Cruise worthy of their raves. Hermanas, on the other hand, is a totally mediocre waste of time.